Regenerative Agriculture Summit Europe 2024

Regenerative Agriculture Summit Europe

Unifying the food and textiles industries to accelerate regenerative agriculture practices through partnership and harmonisation

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3-5 September, 2024

“Together we can help move the needle and this kind of event helps build the connections that lead to actual transformation on the ground”



Recognising the pressing need to remodel our agricultural systems, it's clear that this transformation requires the collective engagement of all stakeholders.

The future holds changes in the environment which will come whether we prepare for them or not. The pace and complexity of change will continue at an accelerated rate whilst expectations from government, investors, and consumers grow. The challenges we face are bigger than any singular actor can solve and will require collaboration across the agricultural system. A new strategy of pre-competitive collaborative action from multiple actors will be key to unlocking change and driving impact at scale.

This year's Summit marks a significant advancement by expanding its focus beyond food systems to include textiles. This addition highlights the growing need for collaboration not just within silos but across industries to truly scale the transition to a more regenerative future.

Join us in Amsterdam as we unite the food and textiles industries together with one mission – to accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture to build a more abundant and resilient agriculture system for generations to come.



Our purpose is to bring together all stakeholders and be a neutral platform that enables open, constructive, and educational discussions to further progress toward the transition to regenerative practices. We believe everyone deserves a seat at the table and that the best way to effectively bring about change is through peer-to-peer sharing, partnership, and collaboration. 


Farmers/ Academics

  • Tell your Story: Share your challenges, experiences, and have your voice heard by CPGs and other vital stakeholders in the room.

  • Case Studies: Gain insights into real-world challenges faced by farmers and other key supply chain leaders when transitioning. 

  • Networking OpportunitiesFacilitate collaborative partnerships by sharing experiences and challenges as you exchange ideas with peers.


Consultants/ Investors

  • Position Yourself as a Market Leader: Position yourself at the forefront of the regenerative agriculture movement by showcasing your expertise and securing new clients and partners.

  • Thought Leadership: Participate in critical discussions that define the trajectory of the transition to regenerative agriculture and establish your company as a thought leader in the industry.

  • Regulatory Landscape: Successfully navigate regulatory challenges and opportunities by staying up to date with regulatory changes and understanding the evolving landscape of sustainable and regenerative practices. 


Service Providers

  • Market Expansion Opportunities: Identify new business opportunities and expand your client base by offering tailored solutions to help them accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture.

  • Showcase Innovative Solutions: Position yourself as a trusted partner by demonstrating your solutions to potential clients and showcasing how your innovation contributes to environmental stewardship.

  • Network and Collaborate: Enhance your credibility and establish your presence in the industry by participating in discussions and connecting face-to-face with 550+ key agri-food players.



  • Advocacy for Policy Change: Engage with industry leaders to promote policies that incentivise and support the transition to regenerative agriculture. Amplify the impact of your initiatives by forming partnerships with peers with aligned goals.

  • Showcase Successful Case Studies: Provide tangible examples of how regenerative agriculture has positively impacted communities, ecosystems, and agricultural productivity.

  • Collaboration and Partnership Building: Amplify the impact of your initiatives by forming alliances with other farmers, NGOs, and businesses.


MNCs/F&B Brands

  • Industry Leadership: Foster partnerships for a collective impact by engaging with decision-makers from across the value chain.
  • Thought Leadership: Provide real-world case studies of how your regenerative agriculture projects have positively impacted your business and establish your company as a thought leader in the industry.

  • Networking: Connect with and learn from 550+ industry leaders from across the supply chain who share your commitment to transforming agriculture for a better future.



  • Partnerships: Scale your projects by identifying strategic opportunities and foster partnerships for a collective impact.

  • Networking: Build connections with 550+ industry leaders from across the supply chain who share your commitment to transforming agriculture for a better future.


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